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Re: Maximum memory X1000

Subject: Re: Maximum memory X1000
by broadblues on 2019/6/10 17:32:34



...i Lost track of the development.
Is ExtMem already usable or will it be added with a future ExecSG?

It's available in the FE Update 1 release. One caveate with the usage on the X1K is that under certain circums5tances the cfeide.device and ExtMem will both map memeory to the same space.

So if you don't use the cfe card reader then comment it out of the kickstart, if you do then perhaps create an alternate kicklayout for use with ExtMem enabled software.

Current SketchBlock pro is the only thord party app I'm aware of.

ram-handler (ie ram disk:) is the main system component using it. (may need enabling with command line options to kickstart/ram-handler.kmod)


Where should one look to find code examples or examples on how to add ExtMem to their programs?

Your question is clearly rhetorical as you will have read the autodocs (ASOT_EXTMEM) and wiki in particular, but I'll commit the faux pas of answering it anyway....



I really hope its a matter of adding a few lines of code to the program and not the need of replacing every single memory read/write I/O...that would make ported programs no target for ExtMem.

It's an amiga specific API, you will need to write code to manage paging in and out the sections of memory you are currently working with.
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