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Re: AmigaOne G3-SE safe overclock @667MHz

Subject: Re: AmigaOne G3-SE safe overclock @667MHz
by Helloworld on 2019/3/16 19:45:04


I didn't know you could overclock the SE, pretty cool!

Quake 3 suddenly crashing unfortunately seems to normal,
I've tried numerous source ports and all would randomly crash on my stock 800mhz 7451 and it still crashes on my 1066mhz 7457,
with a lovely continuous buzz sound coming out of the speakers :)

Btw, the smoke trail of the rocket launcher really kills performance on my 9250,
I recommand to go to the console and type

cg_noProjectileTrail 0

to disable it, makes it so much faster and clearer too!

r_ext_compressed_textures 1

Also gains some FPS, but the textures will look very low res.

Here's a list of all Q3 console commands

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