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Re: HowTo: make quality and hires videos from aos4 machine.

Subject: Re: HowTo: make quality and hires videos from aos4 machine.
by kas1e on 2018/12/1 10:34:27



For live (rather than timelapse) recordings I use an EZCAP box, forget the exact model number at the moment, but I connect it to the HDMI output of my gfx card, whilst the DVI output connects to my monitor. THis way I get absolutely lag free display. It records at upto 1080p 30fps.

Same with that LGP2 : connected it to the HDMI output on gfx card,and another output connected to HDMI of monitor (or, via HTMI->DVI adapter, works as well). Through LGP2 give up to 1080p 60fps, not 30.


It has two disadvantages, if you change screen resolution it starts to record a new video file, but that file is always empty. I always use full 1080p mode for the things I record anyway so no issue in practice.

That one also present on LGP2, so i just use 1920x1080 and didn't switch to any other resolution while recording. There is also LGP2 Plus, which _maybe_seems_so_ can record when resolutions changes, but that need to be tested.


The other issue is that you can't record audio from the audio inputs if using the HDMI input. This means I have to record the audio seperatly on my SAM.

With LGP2, you have 3 ways of recording audio : from HDMI (So for us no-go), and 2 separate inputs in device itself. So i can for first just connect output of soundcard from amigaone to the input in the device, and record all realtime audio+video. More of it, there is one more input for sound, so you can in realtim put your voice over the video.


Biggest advantage is that is needs no external PC just saves the video to a FAT32 USB stick in mp4 format. That can be easily imported inot my X1k for editing in blender.

The same with LGP2 and LGP2+ : there is some "pc-free" mode, which mean you don't need PC. You just connect device (give him usb-power from anything you may think of, even from the same amigaon) , attach cables , and just press button on device , and it will record the same mp4 on MicroSD , which you can then put to whatever place you need. Through, resolutions can't be any. For example when you have 640x512, or 1440x900, and press button to record : nothing happens, nothing record. Only in some "popular" resolutions. If i understand things right, LGP2+ , seems do not have that restriction, but can't be sure until test it.

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