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Re: What is the AmigaOne XE DMA fix?

Subject: Re: What is the AmigaOne XE DMA fix?
by Raziel on 2018/6/25 10:43:15


Lets see, i had this DMA (and audio chip) fix installed back when i still had my XE.


So, what does it do?

There was a problem with the original run of XE motherboards which could lead to a crash or freeze when using e.g. internet through the onboard LAN chip.
iirc it was a missing resistor, but this might be my memory failing me

It was a "hardware" fix, meaning, someone with the knowledge soldered an extra cable to circumvent that (at least i had a cable there)

Other people might be more detailed in the works of the fix


Where can I find this on the motherboard?

If you turn around the motherboard and look at the backside, you "could" see an extra cable soldered, that *could* mean you have the fix installed


How can I install/uninstall it?

You can't uninstall it unless you remove the fix, it's hardware based and once you got it, it should remove some of the hardware/software problems you might encounter

Personally i was happy to have it, because it made my internet work without killing the system everytime


Is there a software "check" program to determine if this fix is installed?

Not really, see above for the cable (but that's maybe not the sole solution to install the fix)

If you have no problems, don't change anything


Does any XE owner with 2GB ram working has this installed?

I personally was never able to *work* with more than 1 GB in my XE.
The onboard southbridge is just too flaky and picky about memory modules.

You might be able to install 2 GB of RAM and even survive the boot process into WB, but you will probably crash hard once a program access RAM beyond the 1 GB border.

Stick with 512 or 1 GB, you'll be fine


Do you recommend me to perform this fix?

I'm not sure, some people are surely still doing this fix, but as i said above, if nothings broken, don't fix it.

Any hardware tinkering can kill your board for good

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