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Re: Trying to get a Radeon HD 7750 working in an AmigaOne XE

Subject: Re: Trying to get a Radeon HD 7750 working in an AmigaOne XE
by Helloworld on 2018/5/8 10:14:09


Did you set the BOARDNAME and CMPLENGTH tooltypes as described?

I have set the tooltypes accordingly

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What do you mean with "didn't mount?"

That while the system can find the 7750, it doesn't use it as a graphics board.

So a program such as software rendered Quake can only find Board 0, the 9250, and no other board.

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Ranger sees the 7750 in the PCI Bus tab while simultaneously doesn't show it in the list of graphics boards (graphics board list being pressed down here)

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and indeed this is reflected in Screenmode prefs

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The 7750 is connected to a different monitor (HP Compaq LA 1956x) with different specifications (1280x1024@75hz, Horizontal refresh 24-83khz. Vertical 50-76hz), I also tried switching the monitors by swapping the DVI cables at the cards' end with no success.

Connecting the 7750 via VGA will make it boot at a lower resolution of
720X400 instead of 1280X1024 but made no further difference.

The last port the 7750 has is a mini HDMI port, I have no mini HDMI to DVI adapter to test it at the moment.

There's also mini display port but I think that isn't supported at the moment even with a DVI active adapter, right?

then try adding manual modes for the PCIGraphics monitor file

PCIGraphics already has some manual modes and I also tried booting with detect settings automatically.

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but sometimes ... bugs in the card's AtomBIOS prevents that from happening.

Interesting, so it might be worth plugging in it a Windows PC and see if there's a newer version of the bios to flash?

e.g. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/12 ... pphire-hd7750-1024-120611

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