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Re: Anyone willing to part with their PEX8112 pci to pcie adapter card?

Subject: Re: Anyone willing to part with their PEX8112 pci to pcie adapter card?
by Helloworld on 2018/4/27 22:13:32


Resized Image

I do not recommend buying from Sedna directly, as they can be quite slow to respond to emails.

E.g. it took something of a month to arrive and I was promised a tracking number which I still haven't recieved.

Anyway, the card turned out to have a PEX8111 chip (as stated on their website) and is correctly working

Resized Image

Best of all, the 7750 gets initialised during Uboot!
and is fully working!

After this I reinstalled my Radeon 9250 and purchased. downloaded and installed the Radeon HD v2 driver within the Enhancer software pack.

Swapped out the 9250 and put in the 7750 in a 33mhz pci slot,

OS4 kickstart loading and... nothing

It hasn't hung as the text cursor was still blinking but I noticed that the RadeonHD.chip
wasn't loaded.

Booted OS4 with the 9250, checked out kicklayout in the kickstart folder and sure enough it wasn't added to the list.

While it is my first time installing the Radeon HD driver, surely it should be automatically be added?

So I manually added it in, placing it underneath the the ATIRadeon.chip

Resized Image

Booting with the 9250 again removed and 7750 installed,

RadeonHD.chip loaded and.. out of range

Black screen, No OS4 loading splash screen.

So i tried booting with both the 9250 and 7750 in the hope that I could get past the OS4 loading splash screen and configure the card in OS4 but that doesn't work,
as only one of the two cards will get initialised, the other card will sit idle with a black screen and blinking cursor.

But I can investigate with the 9250, Sysmon properly detects the 7750 with chipset name and model numbers (7750/8740/250E)

Resized Image

Ranger also detects the 7750 alongside the 9250, "Command: disconnected"

Resized Image

A posseble solution I'm thinking of is disabling the IDE DMA and "USB DMA" as stated on Hans de Ruiter's HDRLab
I'm not sure how to quickly check if my AmigaOne has the DMA fix for ide, but I have onboard IDE and USB disabled in uboot and commented out of my
kickstartlayout which doesn't seem to help.

So at the moment I'm stuck, I am having issues with my Amisphere account so I can't go onto the A-eon forums yet.

Here a link to an archive with my kickstart layout file, more pictures of the cards and pci detection software
and videos of booting with the 7750 and what the 7750 is doing during OS4 with the 9250 installed.


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