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Re: Screenmode won't adjust after changing to smaller screen size.

Subject: Re: Screenmode won't adjust after changing to smaller screen size.
by m1nuto on 2017/10/2 8:17:45


Have the the most expensive enhancer pack and the proper radeon drivers. Tried fiddling with the screen mode quite a bit and now she freezes when trying to boot.

Looks like the prefs are saved in this directory when modified:


And Upon boot the running config is copied into the RAM to:


More about system assigned direcories

The trouble is it's stored in a data chunk so not sure that I can edit it directly. It's stored in the SCRM data chunk.

struct ScreenModePrefs
ULONG sm_Reserved[4];
ULONG sm_DisplayID; /* Displaymode ID */
UWORD sm_Width; /* Screen width */
UWORD sm_Height; /* Screen height */
UWORD sm_Depth; /* Screen depth */
UWORD sm_Control; /* BIT 0, Autoscroll yes/no */

Pref File Info

Will bother with it tomorrow. At least if I have to reinstall, I can backup the HD directory containing these data chunks so if it all goes south again I can just overwrite the directory while booted from CD.

What a mess this screenmode issue has been.

If anyone knows of a tool to directly modify these chunks besides the pref tools, which won't work while booted from CD, I'd forever be in debt to you...

I'll likely reinstall tomorrow after getting my WB partition backed-up then get my screenmodes corrected, then overwrite all directories but the SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive directory.
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