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Re: My Sam440ep seems to be broken gfx/gfxram

Subject: Re: My Sam440ep seems to be broken gfx/gfxram
by Morpheus on 2021/3/6 5:28:38

Hello folks. Sorry for ressurecting the ancient topic, but I got the very same problem.

It seems that after so many years of stable and faithful working, my Sam 440EP broke.

The board is this: http://www.acube-systems.biz/index.php?page=hardware&pid=1

I get corrupted image on the screen. Checked with different monitors, cables and dvi to vga adapters, same result.

I wrote to Acube, sending some photos as well. They said that the problem could most likely be the VRAM of the on board M9 Radeon graphics chip. They also spotted the main RAM module but it seems that the M9 chip is the problem.

They also pointed that they do not have replacement chips any more so they probably would not be able to fix the board.

So my first question is:

Does anyone knows the exact details of the M9 chip that is used on Sam 440EP. I am thinking of trying to locate one online. Any recommended places to check?

Second question:

If I would use a PCI graphics card what is the recommended one? On some other topics / forums I read about the Radeon 9250. But there is this sticker on the PCI slot pointing that I should not use 5.5Volts or 5Volts PCI cards on there. So what is the correct voltage number I should go for? I believe 3.3 right? But how I would identify that the card that I would buy carries the correct voltage? Any link / example featuring the right card would be great.

Has anyone run through a similar problem?
How it was solved?

Ps. On another topic I have read that the Acube guys, tried to reflow the chip on nother board with the same prob. That was prior to the chip replacement they did. Reflowing the chip did not fix the problem.

I will wait for your replies.


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