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Re: AmiUpdates for JAmiga available

Subject: Re: AmiUpdates for JAmiga available
by kas1e on 2013/11/7 8:30:31


I just made a small test, and it also doesn't work.
Or, that might actually be a good thing, since I've probably changed something that broke it. So I should just be able to diff and find out what I changed.

That for sure good thing, as its all the same then :)

Btw, will be imho right and interesting to try to use and your simple telenet client, and jtelnet from your mac (and with mac's java) as it should send also different for new lines in compare with win32. So if you will be able to use them all normally from mac's java, then it will be cleary something with jamiga.

It also can help to test it all (your telnet and jtelnet) on linux (and with linux's java), to see if it will works there.

And if everywhere it all will works, then it mean its all can be handled by java internally and all should works even if return lines in consoles are different.


Imho if jaokim says that his telnet client works before, and now stop working the same as jtelnet, then its the same bug, and which can be fixed (as if it works before).


I just tried using the FKey commodity to insert "\r\n". Alas, the \r got translated to \n somewhere (probably by the console). I confirmed this by looking at JAmiga's debug output; it clearly showed two \n characters (hex A) being sent instead of \r\n (hex 0D0A).

From all my tests in past with telnet and different kind of oses, i can say that \n and \n\n always enough everywhere, and does not matter what terminals in use, it just translate to \n internally or so. The only time when i was in needs to do something in code, is when i copy by code text-buffers via tcp from amiga to something, and from something to amiga, and had to translate 0d/0a stuff just for text-files. But in others ,when its just pure telnet, its all handles well every time (even if terminal send just 0a, or just 0d, or both in any order). Can be wrong, but that how i remember it.

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