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Re: AmiUpdates for JAmiga available

Subject: Re: AmiUpdates for JAmiga available
by kas1e on 2013/11/7 6:37:11

I do not know if is it, just it looks like is it. Only Jaokim can say what is that imho.

But then , if "jamiga absolutly must not translate lf to crlf", then it mean, almost all telnet apps will not works as intended and amiga specific changes in them will need it.. I somehow think that all not the case, because as far as i remember, not only AOS have different return lines, but also bunch of another oses for all kind of HW have it different in compare with win32 (unixes and win32 have different return lines for example, but all works for them) -> what mean its done on java implementation level imho.

Anyway, i also check telnet protocol, and:


The Telnet protocol defines the sequence CR LF to mean "end- of-line". For terminal input, this corresponds to a command- completion or "end-of-line" key being pressed on a user terminal; on an ASCII terminal, this is the CR key, but it may also be labelled "Return" or "Enter".

So, if protocol says so then it should all be done like protocol says, does not matter on what platform.

Or , our console need an option "translate LF to CRLF" (if that is case there of course). Or, there should be some "Term" environment which do so (i tried yesterday amiga, amiga_h and have no luck). Any other ideas ? I also tried to do connect from "sh" with all those terms too, and have no luck.

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