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Re: JamVM bug

Subject: Re: JamVM bug
by jaokim on 2013/11/8 22:34:04

Hi, sorry for my late reply. But I think I got this working, or at least running, with the latest updates from AmiUpdate.

Filer:3e-partsprojekt/epubcheck-3.0.1> jamiga:jamvm -jar epubcheck-3.0.1.jar
Epubcheck Version 3.0.1

At least one argument expected
-help displays help

The tool will EXIT
Filer:3e-partsprojekt/epubcheck-3.0.1> jamiga:jamvm -jar epubcheck-3.0.1.jar -help
When running this tool, the first argument should be the name (with the path) of the file to check.
If checking a non-epub file, the epub version of the file must be specified using -v and the type of the file using -mode.
The default version is: 3.0.

Modes and versions supported:
-mode opf -v 2.0 // For single OPF file validation (EPUB 2)
-mode opf -v 3.0 // For single OPF file validation (EPUB 3)
-mode xhtml -v 2.0 // For single XHTML file validation (EPUB 2)
-mode xhtml -v 3.0 // For single XHTML file validation (EPUB 3)
-mode svg -v 2.0 // For single SVG file validation (EPUB 2)
-mode svg -v 3.0 // For single SVG file validation (EPUB 3)
-mode nav -v 3.0 // For single 'Navigation Document' validation
-mode mo -v 3.0 // For single 'Media Overlays' validation
-mode exp // For validating expanded EPUB archives

This tool also accepts the following flags:
-save = saves the epub created from the expanded epub (-mode exp)
-quiet = no message sent to stdout, only errors in stderr
-out <file> = ouput an assessment XML document in file (experimental)
-? or -help = displays this help message

Epubcheck Version 3.0.1

-help displays help
No file to check was specified in arguments
The tool will EXIT

I'm not sure what to do with it though. :)
If you ahve a real use, please try it out!

The bug with executing JAR files with the current directory set to the root of a drive, is however still there.
This won't work:
cd ram:
jamiga:jamvm -jar file.jar

This however will:
jamiga:jamvm -jar ram:file.jar

I think I know where that problem might lie, so I'll look into it.

Thank you for the bug report! Keep 'em coming!

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