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Re: Timberwolf beta 4 available

Subject: Re: Timberwolf beta 4 available
by samo79 on 2012/6/30 1:49:45


Well that is the problem I think “RAM DISK:” has a space symbol in there.
Try rename “RAM DISK:” to “RAMDISK” and try again.

I try any other partitions availible on my disk (Work: and HD:) but the result is the same, download here does not work


Drag and drop is in as far as it can be implemented. As I said, the drag & drop system is alien. Basically, it works like a temporary clipboard, not a "tell me a filename to open" like with Workbench icons. This requires additional functionality. I might do that in the course of later "amigafications" in Timberwolf, like adding ARexx ports, native menustrip etc.

Ok it's clear now, when i read drag&drop as fixed i thought about the ability to drag manually a file into the browser, almost when i open the report i thought about it

I'm very looking forward to all that future "amigafications"

The opening of windows is fixed in the sense that it no longer opens a window as a small 1x1 + frame sized stamp and then moves it. It will be created as hidden and then moved to the place where it was created before being shown. What place it is required to go it not something the window code can influence, it will simply get the command to open. This position comes from within the code of the original Firefox tree, so there's no telling why it does that. I'll look into this particular effect (I've reopened the bug on the tracker).

Mmm but this wasn't the other old (and already fixed) bug ?

"Off screen windows creation" --> (bug 732)


This one was perfectly fixed on the update 3, the new one i mention instead is a bit different even if again it is affected the windows behaviour

"Windows creation (Automatic auto-allineament issue)" --> (bug 756)

While this one is related only to the auto-positioning of the windows, so once you open a new window/subwindow, it will be opened on a certain position on the screen and then it will be allineated again

Download might or might not work... it does for me, but I think there's still a problem with relative file names and file names with spaces. However, I also didn't claim that it would work. The release notes state what was changed, nothing beyond that was done for this version.

Yep yep i know that in this version you didn't work on it !
I just a bit annoyed and i would like to report it again .. i really can't understand how to download as nothing seems to work !

Instead i'm able to install themes (Persona) and all other plugin in general will be downloaded and installed without any problem .. just the plain download seems problematic as i explain in my previews messages
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