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Re: Timberwolf beta 4 available

Subject: Re: Timberwolf beta 4 available
by tfrieden on 2012/6/29 19:47:26

Regarding sound: Yeah, YouTube is too slow, but then, I wouldn't really suspect a software solution to be usable. I'll see if there's anything I can do in terms of assembler optimization (the X86 version has a few AFAIK), so it might be usable.

What works quite well is the replay of sound streams like podcasts and sounds from Wikipedia (my testcase for sound replay)

CPU load: The CPU load is probably due to a high frequency "heartbeat" that executes all the time. I'm looking into it, I guess that since we're using the "combined" thread model that also supports "local" threads (implemented via setjmp/longjmp), this is responsible for scheduling local threads. However, the AmigaOS implementation uses only global threads (i.e. system level), so it should not be necessary. I'll see that I'll get rid of it.

Drag&Drop: This was somewhat of a challenge. The Amiga does not have a drag&drop protocol, so it had to be implemented from scratch, fully inside Timberwolf. A "sprite" like approach similar to workbench wouldn't work since it would require locking the bitmap, which would kill off the highlighting of drop targets or spring-loaded folders in the bookmarks. So I went for a transparent window approach, which might be slow on machines without hardware accelerated compositing. I'll check if there's a possibility to use placeholders that are simply empty box outlines instead of showing the full picture.

Simpsons: Uhm, no

For an example of a video that actually works quite decently on my Pegasos II, you might want to look at this article on Wikipedia (scroll down a bit, larger version is available by clicking the symbol below the video). Far from impressive, I know, but it's a start.

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