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Re: New update

Subject: Re: New update
by samo79 on 2011/10/18 15:40:00


I don't think we'll add it to an alpha version, but it's something that I do want to implement. Firefox does support the use of custom menus (Mac versions need this). However, the menus need to confirm to certain standards, like being able to show custom images and nesting depth. The former is possible with Amiga Menus, but I'm not sure about the latter (it's been ages since I've last written more complex intuition code).

In general, I want as much Amiga-specific features as possible.

Thanks for reply, you are right, AFAIK some time ago you already told me about "this certain standard" and our limited OS4 menu, perhaps this may be an opportunity to finally improve our limited OS4 menus soon ?

Maybe time arrived to look and improve them, maybe just maybe for the update 4 or directly for the AmigaOS 4.2 ?

See my other post, it's comparable with MUI OWB. I test it on the Pegasos, and with an optimized build, it's perfectly usable. I have not tried it on a Sam yet, I'll have to check. And I know someone who will surely test it on his BlizzardPPC :|

Well looks promissing then, great


Personally, I was quite pleasantly surprised about the speed. After all, this doesn't even use hardware acceleration at all, and still I could be using it for my daily browsing needs. There are a few quirks (like some textboxes refusing to activate, missing refresh in some of the popup boxes), but basically these quirks are what keeps us from releasing a new public version now. Even stability is good. I had tested it a lot today and only got one or two crashes.

Hi Rogue !

Do you consider a sort of "collaboration" with the TheFourFox guys, don't know if they can help us or if they can have some interesting sourcecode but atleast some PPC code regarding hardware acceleration can be grabbed and used also on your Timberwolf version, more info at:


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