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Re: New update

Subject: Re: New update
by Rogue on 2011/10/18 15:13:53

Btw, just for learning purposes: those bugs was because of cairo, or just because of code-porting of firefox ?

The Firefox code assumed hierarchical windows like in X or Win32. We had to emulate that, and the black boxes where essentially caused by a bug in the way that we handled this. It's neither Firefox's code nor cairo that is to blame for that.

Btw, current public version use HW-accelerated cairo and compositing or not ? I mean did i understand right, that current public beta are use HW-accelerated cairo, but the new one, will not use it , and because of it will be a bit slower in rendering ?

No, the current public version never used hardware acceleration for Cairo. They only rendered into main memory and blit to screen. The only hardware acceleration in it was scrolling.


Do you think it could be possible to implement a bit more native GUI already in this first Alpha version ? (expecially menus)

It's difficult to say. See, as they are currently, Amiga menus are somewhat limited. There is a limit to the number of levels of submenus that a menu can have, which other systems do not have. Firefox supports native menus, but they have certain constraints. We'll try to get this working, but there is no way of telling right now.

What we will definitely try to do is getting the same basic layout as the Windows version, i.e. there are no menus at all and most of the functionality is in the orange button on top.

We'll also try to get a more Amiga look and feel. Currently this employs the default Firefox 4.0.1 style.

Also how about the real speed ?
Ok you say a bit slow, yep currently i think it's quite normal for that HTML5 videos but how about "normal" navigation ?

I've compared it to MUI-OWB and found them to be roughly the same speed. OWB is a bit faster in scrolling, but Timberwolf seems to be a bit faster in other graphical effects like blending (slideshows that blend one image into the other seem to be less jerky on Timberwolf)

Once released can be already usable on a slow hardware (like Sam440 for example) ?

No idea. If OWB works, I'd venture to say Timberwolf will, too. It might be a memory hog, but so far, I haven't run into an out-of-memory situation, and I only have one gigabyte in my machine and pager disabled.

Personally, I was quite pleasantly surprised about the speed. After all, this doesn't even use hardware acceleration at all, and still I could be using it for my daily browsing needs. There are a few quirks (like some textboxes refusing to activate, missing refresh in some of the popup boxes), but basically these quirks are what keeps us from releasing a new public version now. Even stability is good. I had tested it a lot today and only got one or two crashes.

Edit: I have extensively tested this page http://www.armedzone.com/, and found that it was perfectly usable, even fluid. And that page has a lot of special effects.
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