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Re: New update

Subject: Re: New update
by tfrieden on 2011/10/18 15:02:55

The drawing code has changed substantially between 3.x and later versions. This is reflected in Timberwolf as well, none of the original drawing code remains in 4.0 (except the mouse pointer handling code).

As rogue said, the HTML renders correctly. Same applies for dialogs (preferences, error console and the like). Popup windows, like the menus and some of the hint boxes, are sometimes rendered empty (window opens, but there is no content). Unfortunately, this works when I do a debug build (but the debug build is far too slow to be usable, the optimized build is about ten times faster). This is something I will be looking into later.

Speedwise, you can compare it to the MUI OWB for OS4. In some areas, it's actually a bit faster (when lots of "complex" graphics are rendered, like, lots of transparency and blending going on). Scrolling is faster on OWB, but as I said earlier, the current Timberwolf does not use any hardware acceleration, but basically just draw in back buffer/blit to screen (although it does of course only blit damaged regions). However, it is not jerky, it's perfectly usable, and I expect it to be really smooth once I rewrite the layer manager in TW4 to use hardware compositing.

The new TW4 rendering now also uses a new method of propagating screen updates. The original one used intuiticks to cope with asynchronous updates. The new one passes messages around to inform of updates in the graphics output, and thus, when the page is fully rendered (and no animation is going on), the CPU load drops to zero.
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