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Re: Gnash first impressions

Subject: Re: Gnash first impressions
by kas1e on 2009/9/28 9:52:55


Peg2 / 1 ghz / os4.1 with latest stuff. In generall almost everythink working, but slow. Some not so "heavy" games works fine. Some videos works fine too. Some time a have crashes, but i am not sure what cause the problem - original source code of gnash, or some bugs of aos4.1 itself (if you in interest i can save the Grim logs).

In general the main problem - it's pretty slow even in original windowses modes. I am not expert, but imho, HW rendering (over OGL (minigl) ), can help a lot with that ?

I tested both - swfdec on morphos and gnash on os4 (on the same hardware), and well.. they both slow in generall. But we all expected that it will be like that. Fab say that when (if) someone will add HW support for swfdec (cairo?) then it will speedup a lot swdec on mos, so, that make me think that if you will try to add HW acceleration for Gnash, it will speedup it a lot.

How hard add HW to gnash btw ? As i know, some OGL already in gnash, and maybe that will be not so hard to add minigl support ? Also as i know that OGL support are experemintal, but if it works already for some "main" parts (like render some crap over it) then it's good start.

Can't try youtube vids thorugh (not have python installed at moment).. Just trying it as: aos4-gnash http://youtubeballablab with no luck, but i assume it will be slow too ..

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