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Re: Problems with 0.8 beta

Subject: Re: Problems with 0.8 beta
by Hans on 2009/2/8 21:42:41



Rigo wrote:


I was clicking "no" instead of "ignore." This is due to the warning about losing project settings, so I erred on the safe side. It would be better if it didn't ask to rebuild the makescript when the user supplies their own custom one.

So, in that case, and files are added or removed from the project, how would you prefer the system continues? Should it just ignore it and let you get on with it on your own?

Yes, that's what I would prefer. Basically, if I'm using a custom makefile instead of a Codebench generated makefile, then I don't want Codebench to offer to rebuild it. I'll take care of that myself.


Disabling that will disable confirmation when I do a "save as" as well. I was hoping to not get a requester when I save a file over its own original, but to still ask for a confirmation when overwriting a different file.

Well, I don't really know what to suggest with this, short of making the "Save As" function always confirm...

That's what most programs seem to do. The other option would be to check if the file's path and the save as path match.


BTW, I just found one other problem. I don't have my makefile in the base directory of the project (there's a reason for this), and so some project files are in a higher directory. Performing a "save as" on these leaves the "/" in front of the file-name, which of-course won't save. It's no big deal, since one can easily delete that character, but it would be better if it weren't there.

I think a touch more clarity in this would help me to understand what you are doing.

I have my makefile in a sub-directory, not the main directory. This is often done when a project is cross-platform and you're using different directories for different platforms, e.g.,
project/main.c (or maybe the c files are in a sub-directory such as "project/src/")

I put the project file in the same directory as the makefile (the makefile expects the working directory to be the one that it's in, not the project base). Thus, I'm referencing files with relative paths, e.g., "/main.c" Right now, a save-as will list the file as "/main.c" instead of "main.c". With files in other directories it also puts the whole relative file path into the save as requester's filename box.


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