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Re: Youtube on AmiCygnix's NetSurf

Subject: Re: Youtube on AmiCygnix's NetSurf
by kilaueabart on 2014/12/19 1:39:45


I've been working on it. I downloaded "minimal" late last night, but didn't do anything with it until an hour ago.

But a key thing in your list was

3) go in Prefs/Qt and check "Native Paint Engine" in Painting tab to avoid to use OpenGL.

That alone enabled me to run smtube without crashing, and actually view some videos, although at least one has been problematical. (See below.)

I had already done 2) unless I am missing something. Presumably you're talking about

libQtCore.so 5401172 ----rwed 10-Sep-13 07:18:36

I have just now tried to follow 4), but it isn't clear to me where in PlayVideo.rexx I'm supposed to put

APPDIR:ffmpeg -i "input.m4a" -b:a 128k "output.MP3"

I put it just above where it says "Don't modify below these lines," but I haven't retested yet.

I'm using an X1000; I have no idea what "overlay" is. I'll probably try the Liveforit MPlayer just to see what happens anyway.

When I run smtube, there is a list of videos. The first is "The mysterious floating orb," and the audio is crazy, repeating a couple of staccato syllables over and over. The other videos I tried worked fine.

Meanwhile, I have no clear idea of whether Odyssey is using smtube for youtube or not. I tried playing one of my daughter's So Last Century Stringband pieces, and for sure those have never come out better. But when I put the URL in the requester at the bottom of the smtube list and called it up that way, it played much too fast.

I can't shake the feeling that it is a bit silly to install about 1G of code just to view an occasional Youtube.

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