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Any interest in a bounty for a native ext2/ext3 file system?

Subject: Any interest in a bounty for a native ext2/ext3 file system?
by salass00 on 2013/10/21 14:00:53

As was mentioned by Steven Solie at AmiWest I have ported Leif Salomonsson's filesysbox.library and NTFS3G to AmigaOS 4.x rewriting them to make use of AmigaOS 4.x features like mutexes, the new vector port API and replacing some Morphos specific features like utf-8 conversion using charsets.library and usage of deviceio.library (to replace the latter I wrote a disk cache entirely from scratch). Also I have added some entirely new features like being able to rename and format a disk normally which is AFAIK not available in the MorphOS version.

Now that we have filesysbox.library on AmigaOS it should be possible to look at porting of other FUSE file systems:

http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki ... dex.php?title=FileSystems

One in particular that I think would be interesting is this one:


The code structure is very similar to that of NTFS3G so I expect it should not be too hard for me to port it in the same way I have done NTFS3G. However as it still involves a large amount of work I would be more motivated if there was a bounty for it which is why I'm starting this thread.

As mentioned on the SF.net project page it supports ext2 and ext3 linux file systems (no mention of the latest ext4 though) so it could be useful f.e. for people who have Linux installed on their NG Amigas to exchange data between AmigaOS and Linux installations.

The code for the port will of course be released under GPL license when it is finished.

Please post in this thread you have questions about what I just wrote or if you are interested in donating to a bounty like this.

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