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Re: VPDF bounty is now open

Subject: Re: VPDF bounty is now open
by kas1e on 2012/7/31 6:46:19


Do we get a "straight" port from MorphOS, or are you planning any OS4-specific features? The choice of GUI toolkit springs to mind as the very first thing. While MUI is generally OK with me, I do prefer (and donate more money to) projects that provide OS4's standard GUI.

Its will be just a port without any changes in the GUI. Because rewriting mui gui to reaction gui make no sense , as better to write one from scratch with new gui. Just no one will do it, while mui based app already done (+ fast, +not have problems which have amipdf). I.e. absolutly the same moment as with muiowb and with muimplayer.


I think AmiPDF is good enough.

Its slow and buggy.


It has a good GUI with content table on the side, search functionality, copy text etc.

VPDF has better gui. But sure, AmiPDF gui is not that bad, just VPDF one is better organazed and more intuitive.


Only thing I can think of is continuous page scrolling instead of this jumping between pages. Does VPDF support that?

VPDF support everything. And scrolling, and jumping.


I think time and money can be better spent.

Its like we spend all whole days on amiga related stuff in last time :) Besides, we can't call it as "money". Its freaking few buks ! Who can call that as "money" ? I can understand if thats about few thousands at least, but few buks call "money" .. dunno. Bountys in amigaworld is mostly to be sure that users in interst to have something, and not just talks, but not about money, thats for sure.



Unless VPDF can fix these problems (as well as use the native GUI, not MUI), there seems little point in spending time or money on it.

Of course VPDF didn't have those problems. Why it should crashes the same as AmiPDF ? And, its of course faster that AmiPDF in times, not just a bit (for me its one of the main point to make a port).

As for "native gui not mui", there is no point to choice beetwen, as mui progress nicely for os4, and there is no point to ask for reaction one.

Besides, those who ask for other GUI, should understand that then there is no point to port something, but just write one from scratch. But that noone will do (no time, no resource) and so we have a choice : to have a fast and efficient PDF viewer, or stack with AmiPDF for dunno how long with all our "not worth, not MUI, is it faster indeed? and co".

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