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Re: wireless networking

Subject: Re: wireless networking
by Hans on 2010/8/31 20:15:03



kolla wrote:

I was only talking about the wireless stack, not the IP stack.

And I was also talking about the wireless stack too. My point was that the IP stack is based on BSD code, and so a BSD wireless stack might be a good fit. One major difficulty is that Roadshow is based on BSD4.4 (IIRC), which is from the mid-nineties. There's a good chance that this makes working on a wireless stack a waste of time until Roadshow is updated, which was discussed in the gigabit ethernet thread. I think that an updated IP stack should be a higher priority, anyway.

If you feel you have spare time you want to kill, then feel free to have a go at the various 802.11 frameworks in the various BSDs and/or Linux kernel, and port wpa_supplicant or open1x, or the opensea supplicant... come back in 5 years and show us what you have running :)

Why do I have such confidense? I've been working with wireless professionally since 2002 and have seen how long it has taken on all the widely used platforms to get things going, and none of them are by any means done yet.

Once again, my suggestion is to leverage the work already done on another platform instead of starting from scratch. Yes, it would still be a lot of work, but it would be a lot less than writing one from scratch.

Added to this, I find people saying "it's too much work," and "it's too hard," rather annoying. I've been working on my RadeonHD driver in my spare time for two years now, and I'm still working on it. However, thanks to me just getting to work, we're now in a position where we can soon take advantage of a new motherboard with a 16x PCI-Express port. If I had been a wimp and said "this is too much work," then the A1-X1000 would be looking less enticing with a (approx. ten year old) PCI Radeon card as graphics card.

So, I encourage developers to think creatively, sub-divide the problem into manageable chunks, and work on them one by one. Take a slightly longer term view of things. If we only work on stuff that can be achieved quickly, then we're never going to move forward. Engineering is no place for wimps.

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