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xfdmaster.library C rewrite/port for AmigaOS 4.1

Subject: xfdmaster.library C rewrite/port for AmigaOS 4.1
by salass00 on 2014/8/22 12:46:21

As I posted already in another thread I am doing a rewrite/port of the xfdmaster.library for AmigaOS 4.1.

As all of the library code was in 680x0 assembler much of the work has been spent decoding this code and rewriting it in C. As rewriting in this way all of the decruncher slaves would be way too much work I am concentrating on simply porting the main API functions and leaving pretty much all the rest to the 680x0 emulator in the OS.

As I have already implemented support for PPC native slaves (both internal and external) slaves can be ported to native code one at a time (already ported slaves are XPK and MMCMP).

While almost all of the API functions should already be working the following are still on my "To Do" list before I will make my first non-WIP release of this library:
- xfdRelocate()
- xfdStripHunks()
- xfdTestHunkStructure[|New|Flags]()

FWIW I might end leaving these for the 680x0 emulator to handle as most people will probably not be needing them.

What is new since the last WIP version is that the xfdRecogLinker() function is now enabled and working. It was crashing before because I didn't use ET_SaveParamRegs, so the contents of register A5 were trashed when returning to a 680x0 library user.

Removed WIP download links as the first release version is now up (OS4Depot download is not yet available):

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