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Re: Are the website/forum search working?

Subject: Re: Are the website/forum search working?
by Raziel on 2020/3/22 8:42:28


Have to read up on the GreaseWeazel project first...seems to be yet another solution for reading writing all kinds of disks, but on PC?

I'd rather stay with my Catweasel, don't want to have even more reasons switching to PC

I haven't installed the Cat yet cause i'm missing a front slot in the new tower.
But here's a project for you...create a cable solution for using floppy drives outside a case with Catweasel hardware installed
Something like the Teensy, but to plug into a Catweasel, USB ports for data and powering...i'm just throwing ideas around

The SID player project sounds cool.
All here for betatesting (once i know how to circumvent the missing front slot...)
I played around with SID music directly from the chips with an old VICE version that featured it...
Would be worth installing it again then, just to use real SID chips for music playing (I have a massive library of SID tunes, so if you need some, just shout).
Heck, maybe even an AmigaAmp plugin/support would be feasable then?

Why are you still here, start coding


Err, the forum search...yeah...there is one

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