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Re: Why is the old website still accessible?

Subject: Re: Why is the old website still accessible?
by ChrisH on 2014/7/22 9:35:32

With the current version of Odyssey (which was released well before your post):
Make it incredibly difficult to remove fastlinks.

Right-click & choosing "Remove" makes it about as simple as possible!

Lose Zoom factor when switching tabs and back

I don't use zoom, seemed to work fine when I tested it. But if it does happen then I hope you report this bug (so it gets fixed - you'll never see IBrowse get a bug fixed!).

Take ages to load pages

In an apples-to-apples comparison, Odyssey surely loads non-CSS sites (like amigans.net) just as fast as ancient browsers without CSS support. While CSS sites actually appear the way they were intended (and thus are usable).

Scroll pages slowly

Odyssey scrolls pages very fast here. Most likely as fast as IBrowse. If it's slow then I can only guess there is something wrong with your system (like very limited video memory).

Crash or lockup the system

I don't have that kind of problem with it. OTOH, IBrowse has a high chance of crashing when simply started on OS4 (due to a bug in IBrowse or possible the JIT depending on who you believe, I suspect IBrowse).

Randomly decide to draw a page differently

Errrr, no such problem with Odyssey.

Display popups and adverts

To a certain extent this is an unavoidable consequence of supporting Javascript well... BUT you can enable "Content Blocking" (Adblock), disable "Allow JavaScript to open new windows", and even disable Javascript entirely by default (enabling it on a per-site basis as needed) if you are really sensitive.

overwrite existing downloads when 'start downloads automatically' is turned on.

So don't use 'start downloads automatically' . But maybe also email Fab with this suggestion.

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