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Subject: Re: A-EON OS?
by walkero on 2021/7/21 17:36:49

Or did you manage to install AmigaOS4.1 with the unaltered Hyperion AmigaOS4.1FE cd on your A1222?

Yeap, I did with the Radeon HD card I had in my system installed, based on the limited driver. If I had a Radeon RX I would have a problem, unfortunately. Who's fault is that is a whole other discussion. I would just say here that someone didn't value highly enough user experience.

Then they did a bad job at selling it. Because I see talk about bug fixes and a couple of small tools in the release notes. A major release is something that adds new features imho. And the first line is about the kernel too. The very heart of the system. And that's supplied by a third party. So in fact, OS4.1 is AeonOS already

I don't know if you had time to have a look at the included amigaguide changelog, but if you did you would see that there were new features in there as well.

About the kernel, you know that A-Eon doesn't own the kernel, right? So A-Eon has equal, if not less, rights on kernel like Hyperion does.


Today, "OS4 community"is just the umbrella name for a collection of small factions.
Those who follow Hyperion no matter what. Any changes to the OS must come from them otherwise its a new OS. (Morphos-II according to the site owner. *facepalm*)
Those who don't want to have anything to do with Hyperion.
Those who don't want to have anything to do with A-eon.
Those who are loyal to Hyperion but still like to cherrypick from A-eon.
Those who accept improvents no matter where it comes from.

Would you agree with me if I tell you that Hyperion's and A-Eon's bad decisions lead this community to be broken into these pieces, as you described them? Would you agree that if the people behind both of these companies left aside their egos, or whatever separates them, and work together, we wouldn't experience the situation that we have now? In my opinion, this is the result of the decisions of all the big players. In my perspective all of them failed equally. And the result is the community division. And based on my perspective, those who are part of the problem cannot be part of the solution. The only solution I see is to see these people work together, without trying to dig the grave of each other and without pulling the carpet under their feet. At least, that's how I understand it. I might be wrong.

Not sure how to answer to this one. First of all, since all the observed whining and bitterness, it can't be worse than today.

Just as a true wishful thinking of someone that would like to see this divided community united again.

That's because I don't feel at home here. Probably been away for too long. Developed a fresh view that's not appreciated by the majority(See the childish remarks of the site owner himself on this topic).

As I wrote in other posts, you should feel like home because here you have the right and the opportunity to say your opinion and discuss with others, agree and disagree. And that's how it should be, even if someone expresses himself with a different way. At least you are free to do it.

From all the discussions we did in here, I don't see people completely disagree on that topic, but I see different perspective on the situation, which I find completely logical to happen. We can't agree 100% on everything. And that is not negativity or whining, just because others have different perspective than mine or yours.

If you want to see A-Eon and AmigaKit as the Messiah for AmigaOS 4, I don't have any problem with that, but as I described above, in my opinion, they are part of the problem, and they can't be the solution if they, along with Hyperion, don't change they way they collaborate. Until then the only Messiahs for AmigaOS 4 for me are the tech lead of the ExecSG team and the tireless developers of Hyperion, A-Eon, ExecSG teams :D :D :D

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