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Subject: Re: A-EON OS?
by geennaam on 2021/7/21 15:59:02


It seems that you ate AmigaKit's story that Hyperion is long dead, and the OS 4 development ceased, but as I said before, I haven't read the news that this happened.

It seems that you are wrong. It's my own observation. But it depends on your pov on "alive", I guess. By your definition, ITEC is alive and kicking as well. Or can you point me to an official statement that says otherwise?

The last huge update from Hyperion developers released in December 2020. Please, don't eliminate the major work those developers are doing. They do a tremendous job and they deserve our respect, as every developer in Amiga community deserve.

Then they did a bad job at selling it. Because I see talk about bug fixes and a couple of small tools in the release notes. A major release is something that adds new features imho. And the first line is about the kernel too. The very heart of the system. And that's supplied by a third party. So in fact, OS4.1 is AeonOS already (Sorry Orgin, you have to close this site now. Mission failed).

But this isn't about a handfull of volunteers who are doing work for free in the name of Hyperion. It's about Hyperion itself. 1 person, no employees, not investing any money in OS4. Let's call them dormant. Or not officially out of business yet.

I don't see on what commands you refer to. There are commands that already got updates from Hyperion developers the last couple of months, using the AmiUpdate, and there were others that were updated with Update 2 back in December. So, I am not sure on which "old/legacy" commands you refer to.

Yes, my internet connection and harddrive have been working overtime with all those Hyperion activity.

It's called "suggesting progress". An old trick taken right from the textbook. Crumbs to keep the crowd happy.

so, most of the commands that Enhancer included didn't have bug fixes or new features. They were just re-implementations. I don't know though what the A-Eon distribution will bring.

It's about not bringing A-eon to court when they distribute those commands on USB sticks or any other medium than the official OS4.1FE cd. Something to do with distrubution and rights. Or lack of rights.......
Or did you manage to install AmigaOS4.1 with the unaltered Hyperion AmigaOS4.1FE cd on your A1222?

At the end, I don't see why Hyperion should constantly update commands and applications if they work fine, with no bugs, and no new features needed. That doesn't make them obsolete, even if they are old.

You're missing the point of those commands.

I really wish you are right and the new distribution will bring joy and happiness to the community

Not sure how to answer to this one. First of all, since all the observed whining and bitterness, it can't be worse than today.

But I don't see any community at all.
Today, "OS4 community"is just the umbrella name for a collection of small factions.
Those who follow Hyperion no matter what. Any changes to the OS must come from them otherwise its a new OS. (Morphos-II according to the site owner. *facepalm*)
Those who don't want to have anything to do with Hyperion.
Those who don't want to have anything to do with A-eon.
Those who are loyal to Hyperion but still like to cherrypick from A-eon.
Those who accept improvents no matter where it comes from.
Those who pronounce PPC dead/expensive/slow and want AmigaOS4 on ARM, x86, Risc-V, you name it.
And all different flavors in between.

The only thing that binds them is a common dissatisfaction with the current situation and disagreement over how to proceed.

To me, Hyperion tripped a long time ago and is crawling ever since. Bug fixes here, small new tools there. But no major improvements. Aeon is trying to do the community a favor by taken over where Hyperion tripped. Had to take a few steps back to avoid the only thing that Hyperion is actually good at (lawsuits), but once that is sorted out they can push the trottle as far as resources allow them to do. But it is clear to me that this is far more than this community deserves. They are basically robbing themselves by investing that amount of money in such an ungrateful community.

But it's also clear to me that I share this view with a very small minority.

You might have noticed that I speak with "they" and "them" when I talk about the OS4 community.

That's because I don't feel at home here. Probably been away for too long. Developed a fresh view that's not appreciated by the majority(See the childish remarks of the site owner himself on this topic).

But I can only agree with kas1e. What's the purpose of talking to walls. Or like the site owners likes to say: "You cannot sell me this, I'm not your customer".
Ironically, those walls are talking about attracting new users. While it's the very attitude that scares and keeps them away.

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