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Subject: Re: A-EON OS?
by walkero on 2021/7/21 13:07:30

First of all, I totally agree that a separated distribution is the way to go in such situation, because keeps the confusion at the minimum. If I, as a user, go and install AmiKit/ClassicWB etc, and something doesn't work as it should, the common mind would say that I shouldn't go and complain to Hyperion/Amiga Inc., but I should seek for support from the distribution creator.

With Enhancer Package 2 what happened was the opposite, and that brought a lot of confusion and complains. So, the separated A-Eon distribution, IMO, is good thing.

Let's face it. The last majorish release was 4.1 FE. And that dates back 7 (!) years ago.

It seems that you ate AmigaKit's story that Hyperion is long dead, and the OS 4 development ceased, but as I said before, I haven't read the news that this happened. Please, if I missed it, share a url.

The last huge update from Hyperion developers released in December 2020. Please, don't eliminate the major work those developers are doing. They do a tremendous job and they deserve our respect, as every developer in Amiga community deserve.

People complain about overwriting the old/legacy commands, classes and libraries with new ones.

I don't see on what commands you refer to. There are commands that already got updates from Hyperion developers the last couple of months, using the AmiUpdate, and there were others that were updated with Update 2 back in December. So, I am not sure on which "old/legacy" commands you refer to.

Also, most of the commands that Enhancer included didn't have bug fixes or new features. They were just re-implementations. I don't know though what the A-Eon distribution will bring. I just hope they are well documented.

At the end, I don't see why Hyperion should constantly update commands and applications if they work fine, with no bugs, and no new features needed. That doesn't make them obsolete, even if they are old.

One might call it a new OS. I call it progress.

I really wish you are right and the new distribution will bring joy and happiness to the community, and more hardware and software sales for A-Eon, and more users to the platform. Hope we all be around to see it and celebrate, all together.

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