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Re: Is there a fine line of working for free in Amiga world?

Subject: Re: Is there a fine line of working for free in Amiga world?
by ktadd on 2021/5/8 0:33:31

My question is, should we put more effort on projects that are public and open source, instead of following companies and major players? I mean, should we all push on open sourcing everything, so that these are going to be available to everyone, and demand something like that, or not?

By all means, work on open source stuff if you would like. We have taken advantage of open source to make a lot of gains in terms of libraries and even some applications and that's great. The reality is though that AmigaOS4 is not open source and given the current situation, may never be. If everyone decided to only contribute to open source the OS and drivers would not have progressed at all. I think we need people working in both worlds and that seems to be what is happening. AEON is paying people to advance the OS and I don't see these contributions becoming open source, understandably, since they are paying for it. The results have been some nice progress with the enhancer package that would never have come from any open source projects.

So, contribute where you would like and let other contribute where they like. At least things are moving in what I consider to be a positive direction, even if it isn't happening as fast as we would all like and even if there are some decisions made that we may not agree with (overwriting OS4 programs), but better to have progress than fight over how that progress is made. If people don't like the direction things are going, they can make the choice to not participate.

My take is, what ever the contribution, open source or not, translation, beta testing, bug reporting or just buying and using, it moves us in a better direction than people not contributing. Everyone contributes in the way that they choose and it helps. It's those that do not contribute and just whine (not saying that's what your are doing) are the ones that are destructive and should find other hobbies. Fortunately this forum is pretty much free of those types. I hope it stays that way.

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