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Re: Is there a fine line of working for free in Amiga world?

Subject: Re: Is there a fine line of working for free in Amiga world?
by ktadd on 2021/5/7 19:53:45

At the end, if those companies want to create their own products doing whatever they like, the way they like, shouldn't the work behind these products get paid?

Am I still so naive to work for free for this platform? What is your opinion?

This is a hobby market and will never be anything more. It's a hobby and I enjoy donating my time and money to try and improve things or writing program and scripts. If you think your contribution is worth something, try contacting the companies that are paying and see if your contribution is something they are willing to pay for. If not, it's up to you to decide if you enjoy the hobby enough to contribute for free. In my opinion it's not a question of naive or not. It's your choice and you have to decide for yourself if you enjoy it enough to donate or not if you don't get paid. It's not like anybody is getting rich of the Amiga market. If it wasn't for all the volunteers and people willing to work for what I'm sure is less pay than they could get in other markets, there would be no Amiga activity left. I for one am great full to all who contribute, paid or not, so that I can sill enjoy my hobby. Does that make me naive, not in my eyes. If others think so I don't really care and to those who whine about it and don't contribute, you don't have to be here so go find something you enjoy and let the rest of us enjoy our hobby.

Just my opinion.

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