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Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1

Subject: Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1
by NinjaCyborg on 2021/5/1 19:37:53


WebKit is not GPL so Wayfarer guy is not obliged to release the source to anyone who asks. He is offering access to his private repo with ongoing updates but his browser chrome is in ObjC and depends on his own ObjC runtime port for morphOS, and he is not interested in doing the OS4 port himself. So the value of access to his changes to webkit to get it to build using morphos tool chain is questionable compared to spending the same amount of money/time on working directly on odyssey.

His changes are not big endian fixes for webkit, webkit does support big endian fine. In fact the whole big endian/little endian debate is a red herring with the exception of JavaScript.

Wayfarer does not have a big endian JIT for JavaScript. TenFourFox does, so even though that is now end of life, it is still up to date and could be ported. There is at least one other big endian powerpc JIT for Javascript on linux.

Also whilst new Firefox uses Rust which Amiga does not have, Timberwolf was built against XUL and C++, and SeaMonkey, which is still actively maintained, still runs on XUL and does not need Rust. So while it'd be a big job, it is not un-feasible technically to update timberwolf with patches from seamonkey and tenfourfox to make it better.

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