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Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1

Subject: Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1
by kas1e on 2021/5/1 8:20:25

If you read carefully, you will see it's not about porting, but about licensing, which means - there you go, take the source code and port it yourself. I bring that info to Mattew and Trevor a few times already in the last few months.

Anyway, why anyone that circled on a browser? Like, it will save everyone from being retro-hobby stuff ?:)

A Browser on PPC always will have issues in comparison with browsers on windows. ALWAYS. Some sites will not work, some will work wrong. You will be always in need to support and update. And only to realise later that browser still not support a lot of other stuff (and will not) in comparison with other modern browsers.

Morphos guys probably have in mind to switch to x86 soon or later, and then there should be not that hard for them to take Waywarer to x86, but on PPC it will always dead end with missing stuff and slow enough. And does not matter if it morphos or amigaos4.

What will happen once jadacaps will lose motivation and burn out with all that everyday work on a browser? Right, it will the same stops, then WebCore obsolete after a year or two, and the same situation as always.

Imho it's better to just realize that if you want a modern browser, PPC oses is not for that (that includes linuxes too, by the way).

If anyone wishes to make a browser for PPC, that good enough and interesting, but to make that all correctly, there need really some skilled programmers working hard every day and have interest in it.

Ask Jadacaps if he didn't think about giving it all a rest and dropping working on this Wayfarer completely, I am sure he on the line of burning out already :) And then some users come "plz, make my site work, I was in hope that with the new WebKit core everything will work everywhere" :) And there come issues with the whole web industry forgetting about big-endian, and completely make their JS and other code being little-endian only.

Add to that issues with all those "licencies" coming all out of all places on all modern big sites, where you can do that or that until you pay, damn .. the whole modern web is just start to be crap.

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