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Re: First user's report of new Intel HD Audio (Azalia) driver by geennaam

Subject: Re: First user's report of new Intel HD Audio (Azalia) driver by geennaam
by kas1e on 2021/7/18 17:59:29


I still cannot comprehend what's going on in the minds of those who rather wait for nothing to happen at Hyperion than to embrace any OS4 progress from whomever it comes from. This is not normal. The OS4 community is broken beyond repair IMHO.

I feel the same. Some time ago when Tim was sued by Ben (yeah, sued by a friend) and leave os4, right after that other people like Costel and Benny leave their role as well, because of Ben (i talk with them, no one wants to have anything common with Ben anymore, and they may return once Ben gone, if that ever happen).

Once I start to write about it on the beta mailing list, explaining that Ben is a person who lies, stole money, sue own friends, and that we all need to show that we don't need Ben (and all that info I get not from "rumors" but directly from ppls who was cheated by him), can you imagine that: there come the same people who were friendly enough before, but right at this point, start to see an enemy in me, saying that all I say is not true, that I lie, spread "toxic talks", that i am too rude to be in the beta list, and what about to just shut the fuckup and leave them in the rest with what they have.

So at this point, I just realize that OS4 is ruled by Ben, because of people who want to be ruled by Ben. It's just not normal when people are happy when they have an onboard amoral person such as Ben. And some want it to be like this. So, be it. Who I am to change their minds.

I also read the answers to you about os4 progress from Aeon, where does not matter what you will explain, they just want Ben and like the same religious fans will stay the same.

So I kind of lose all my motivation with os4 as well for now too. Maybe later. If we still will be alive :)

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