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Re: AK DataType vs. WarpDT

Subject: Re: AK DataType vs. WarpDT
by broadblues on 2021/3/30 19:16:25



In my testing I did find one small quirk though. I have the descripters for the AK datatypes in Devs:Datatypes and I have both the Warp and AK datatypes in SYS:Classes. This allows me to use Multiview to save pictures to converted formats with either family of datatypes.

When you say Warp do you mean the actuall WarpDT classes or the OS classes ? (which were contributed by the author of WarpDT but are not exactly the same as them).

I ask mainly for clarity but also as I don't recall the WarpDT ones having the save option


When I save with AK datatypes it converts the picture just fine but creates a blank icon for the saved picture. When I save with Warp datatypes it saves the picture using the def_icon I have setup for the picture format. It would be nice of AK datatypes used the def_icon as well. This was tested with tiff, jpg and png.

Actually I can confirm this. This can't be related directly to the datatype classes thermselves though as they have no input on to which icon is saved.

Checking the code in MultiViewer I see that I have a specific function to put the icon that uses the basenam of the saving datatype to decide which icon to use. There was a reason for that but I forget what it was now. Perhaps because of a need to be 68k compatable I don't know.

I ought to be able to determine the icon from the saved file though... if you have the time could you submit a bug report against MultiViewer? (not akdatatypes the bug is defo Mvers)


Note that if I delete the icons for each after the save, the AK datatypes will use the proper def_icon to show an icon. The Warp dataypes will display an mp3 icon from def_icon instead. This seems to indicate that Warp datatypes is using a different header in the converted file than AK datatypes. This only occured with png. tiff and jpg showed the proper def_icon. I might need to add new header info to my def_icons to get png to work properly.

That's odd, both files are definetly PNGs? The might be small differences but the files are savee with libPNG in both cases as far as I know. Though I'm loath to go and compare the code!

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