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Re: AK DataType vs. WarpDT

Subject: Re: AK DataType vs. WarpDT
by ktadd on 2021/3/30 18:30:40

@amigakit and @walkero

No need for the back and forth. People are free to use them or not. I don't see any reports of the AK Datatypes causing any issues and I've done a fair amount of testing since the release and have had no stability issues. They seem to be working fine.

In my testing I did find one small quirk though. I have the descripters for the AK datatypes in Devs:Datatypes and I have both the Warp and AK datatypes in SYS:Classes. This allows me to use Multiview to save pictures to converted formats with either family of datatypes.

When I save with AK datatypes it converts the picture just fine but creates a blank icon for the saved picture. When I save with Warp datatypes it saves the picture using the def_icon I have setup for the picture format. It would be nice of AK datatypes used the def_icon as well. This was tested with tiff, jpg and png.

Note that if I delete the icons for each after the save, the AK datatypes will use the proper def_icon to show an icon. The Warp dataypes will display an mp3 icon from def_icon instead. This seems to indicate that Warp datatypes is using a different header in the converted file than AK datatypes. This only occured with png. tiff and jpg showed the proper def_icon. I might need to add new header info to my def_icons to get png to work properly.

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