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Re: Enhancer Software v2.0 Released

Subject: Re: Enhancer Software v2.0 Released
by kas1e on 2021/3/28 18:05:50

I just copy what i wrote on amigaos4 facebook group to those ones who not on facebook:

For all amigaos4 lovers, there is one of important news after the os4update2 release: a new version of Enhancer Software from AEON.

This time is version 2.0 and it 2.0 because of the gazillion of new tools, updates, and new features. From my own perspective there is why you need to buy/install it:

1). Updated Warp3DNova library. And updated a lot. It faster now, it supports heavier shaders, it deals with a gazillion of issues, and now probably 70% of all shadertoy shaders works (the remaining 30% of nonworking is few not implemented features).

2). Updated and much improved and bug fixed ogles2.library: Daniel does a very quality job as always, and the library now faster, has fewer bugs, and has new features (some of which, together with new warp3dnova, is must have for some upcoming stuff to be released)

3). Updated RadeonRX and RadeonHD drivers. That has no needs to explain, that probably clear for what is need it. But to note, now you also have PowerTool in your prefs, by which you can manage power control of your Radeon RX card: so if you want maximum performance just set it too high from the beginning. If you want less performance, but less energy to be used, then choose safe mode.

4). New VA.library, meaning you can play some modern video formats over GPU (currently only RadeonRX supported). Together with the latest Emotion video player from amiboing guys you have a pretty decent performance (see at end of post link to the video about, where I show how it looks like on x5k when you run 2 big videos at the same time)

5). Updated and improved version of the MultiViewer and MultiEdit: powerful utilities from Andy Broad.

6). And a lot of other stuff like updated amipdf, tunenet, etc,etc, new tools and utilitities.

And there is a video i talk about:


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