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Re: System freeze when playing video files

Subject: Re: System freeze when playing video files
by ktadd on 2021/1/20 7:25:34

Im getting a full system freeze when playing video files and skipping around. No slow down, or frame skipping just a full system lock and I have no idea whats failing.

I downloaded the file and was able to play it with MPlayer, and skip around using the left and right arrow keys without any lockups on my X1000 with an HD7750 graphics card.

The Video is 1920x800, video codec libx264, at a bitrate of about 8500kb/s with an fps of 23.89.. This is a little more than my X1000 can handle and the audio gets out of sync, even if I use the fastest/poorest quality options. No frameskip.

I was curious so I used ffmpeg with ffmpegGUI to convert the video to 1920x800, video codec mpeg4, at a bitrate of 8000kb/s with fps of 23.89 and it plays quite nicely with good quality and audio staying in sync. Intrestingly the file size was about 6Meg smaller than the original as well. Even at a 4000kb/s bitrate the qualuty is pretty decent and at 2600kb/s it's even acceptable.

Oh, with update2 before applying the HotFix I had all kinds of problems with the system freezing when playing videos. Maybe double check and make sure your using Kernal version 54.30. (at least that's my X1000 version)

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