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Re: Possible port of px68k ?

Subject: Re: Possible port of px68k ?
by Belxjander on 2021/2/9 8:54:58

Actually the reasons the Japanese market never had any penetration with Amiga on the desktop are summirizable with the following...

Japanese version of Kickstart Development was never actually completed to a release state (It is only documented *publicly* as part of a DevCon set of release notes as to being *partially* developed)

Shift-JIS was the encoding choice at the time ( approximately the same time as UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings were developed ( Shift-JIS / EUC-JP and other encodings for Japanese Korean and Chinese are now somewhat of a grey zone between "de facto" viable standards and legacy compatability ~ in the opinions of several local Japanese developers that I have talked with... actual status is indeterminate afaik)

Additionally, developer resources for Japanese Editions of the Kickstart and Workbench software were redirected into other (C= PC-10/PC-20/PC-30...) projects instead...also marking another point of timeframe reference.

This is as far as I can recall right now the internal reasoning as to why AmigaOS never made it into Japan as anything beyond a niche within a niche for non-Windows/non-Mac systems presence.

modern "marketroid speechwriting" and general market penetration of the whole "a PC comes with Windows" mindshare along with an excessively "tech x needs technicians" mindset(ant-like specialization of the group???)
worked against the platform as well.

as for more "modern" reference...
When I have shown my AmigaOS sam440 to local developers (usually when discussing a point pre-agreed on a month or two months in advance ** yes schedules need to planned up to 6 months in advance of anything happening!!!)

I have generally received positive feedback... even with a few people actively voicing feelings of jealousy about how responsive the basic system is.

the main *negative* feedback has mostly been the lack of developer presence, and the reliance on so many split web forums along with the whole 4-way split
(AOS3 "Classicists", AOS4, MOS and AROS... 4 niches within the "Amiga" niche itself... )

Actually living and working in Japan is a mixed blessing for access to the developers here (of which there are not that many !!!)

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