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Re: Company<->User communication...Is it still a thing today?

Subject: Re: Company<->User communication...Is it still a thing today?
by Spectre660 on 2020/11/17 23:36:30


Enhancer V2.x may probably have fewer variants than V1.x .
There is an option to get the Enhancer V2.0 2D and 3D Graphics drivers in advance basically by paying for V2.0 but only getting the Graphics card 2D and 3D drivers initially until the the rest of the Package is released.
The versions of the 3D drivers included with Enhancer V2.0 are
* RadeonHD version 3.x driver
* RadeonRX version 1.x driver
* Warp3D Nova 3D Driver for RadeonRX

Not part of this pre purchase bundle but announced as due to be released with the Final Enhancer V2.0 package is the Video Acceleration Library for Polaris video cards .

Warp3D Nova 3D is a different driver to Warp3D SI .
Warp3D SI is an implementation for Radeon Southern Island cards that allows you to run MiniGL programs .
It is not compatible with the Polaris cards.
Warp3D SI is not included with any of the Enhancer packages. It is available for purchase separately via Amistore .

Note that the X1000 currently will not boot with a Polaris Card. CFE probably needs to be updated to support them.
X1000 CFE source is now apparently in the hands of the ExecSG kernel team .

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