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Re: Company<->User communication...Is it still a thing today?

Subject: Re: Company<->User communication...Is it still a thing today?
by kas1e on 2020/10/25 7:37:55



And if they can get permission to include it (or the necessary parts) with their product, then end-users have no problems.

Think as 3d party dev: you want to write some program, you choose what classes to use, choice AEON ones, boring to register/download, ok, done that. Then you wrote the program, and you need to TOUCH WITH MATTEW! Who for any reasons not very often (or often not) answering. You need to write a few times, maybe do phone calls, etc. And, it's not 100% clear then will they agree to distribute their classes with your program or not. One more boss at the top :) And they will think if agree or not to use those classes in your apps :) Some devs will not works like this, 100%.

But maybe this is done to avoid Hyperion include AEON's classes into OS4 for example, or make a protect so Hyperion's OS4 components will not use them in any way as well.

And in the case of Hyperion's SDK, we have one single site with everything tied to Hyperion where we download everything. But in the case of AEON, how many sites there? 10? AEON one, amispehere, amistore, amiwhatelse, for every program different sub-site with a different name. Personally, I lost long ago what and where I register and what my accounts for and is :)

Maybe there just no way to fix that mess better than that, dunno.

But surely, if things should be getting from the official site of AEON, then this part should be easy as possible: there should be just one single AEON site, with everything on it, without any amistories, amisphere,amicremies. But...

Anyway, don't want to be one who is whining all the time and not **banana** :) Hope I wrong and there will be devs who will happily use those classes.

At least two already will as far as i know.

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