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Re: YouTube with Odyssey V1.23 r5 Beta07

Subject: Re: YouTube with Odyssey V1.23 r5 Beta07
by kas1e on 2020/7/2 20:49:32

For me it also works other way around : i open new tab, set spoofing to ipad, then go to "www.youtube.com", and it will instead auto-redirect you to "m.youtube.com". But if you before spoof as ipad/iphone.

When you type with default spoofing, or with odyssey spoofing manually "m.youtube.com" , that youtube shit redirect you to desktop mode.

Interesting, what is behind of all those "new changes" on those popular sites are. I mean, with every new changes on popular sites, or in popular forum engines, they almost everytime worse that previous version. What is real reassons behind ? Ppls who work on need to do anything to have a job ?:) Changes for sake of changes ? :)

I mean before (years ago), it was like this : every new version or new design changes, always was for better usability, for better compatibility, better speed and better security. Today it looks like other way around : new changes always broken design, always more buggy and always slower much. Wtf :)

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