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Re: Shaderjoy 1.19

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.19
by kas1e on 2021/3/28 20:28:11

Starting checking projects support: at least I was able already to put some image.frag to any directory and set for it some textures, and it works. Like this:

# Shaderjoy project file
=Acid Driver https://www.shadertoy.com/view/llXGRs
Image path=01_acid_driver.frag
Channel0 texture
=textures/shadertoy/Organic2.jpg filter=Mipmap wrap=Repeat
Channel1 texture
=textures/shadertoy/Gray_Noise_Small.png filter=Mipmap wrap=Repeat
Channel3 texture
=textures/shadertoy/Nyancat.png filter=Nearest wrap=clamp

And have a little report right from the beginning:

1. some cosmetic: By default project example come with "Version = 1.18" inside

2. When using "Clamp" wrap-mode, have: "unknown wrap mode 'Clamp' - using Repeat

3. for disable flip, I just need to remove it? I.e. nothing like flip=1 vs flip=0, just if flip need it I put it between testure_or_buffer_name and filter mode, and if I don't need it, just didn't put the "flip" word at all?

Checked also more harder multipass shader with textures, and it works ! Like this:

# Shaderjoy project file
=An innocent message https://www.shadertoy.com/view/MlySzW

Image path=image.frag
Channel0 buffer
=BufferA filter=Linear wrap=Clamp
Channel1 texture
=textures/shadertoy/Font1.png flip filter=Mipmap wrap=Clamp

BufferA path=buffera.frag
Channel0 texture
=textures/shadertoy/Organic4.jpg flip filter=Mipmap wrap=Repeat
Channel1 buffer
=BufferB filter=Mipmap wrap=Clamp

BufferB path=bufferb.frag
Channel0 texture
=textures/shadertoy/Font1.png flip filter=Mipmap wrap=Clamp

Through have the same issue that Clamp is unknown, and repeat used. But all now works as expected! Thanks as usual, soon will release some big pack of shaders (about 2 thousands of pure, textured, and multipass shaders).

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