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Re: Shaderjoy 1.13

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.13
by kas1e on 2020/8/6 17:52:38



Yeah, I haven't been thinking details too much but something like that. In addition to a project file, there should be some kind of configuration view to just select everything.

I thinking about ShaderJoy "knowing" not just .frag files, but also .shaderjoy files, and so you can load as alone .frag file (with just mainimage only), and .shaderjoy files, which describe what else needs to be loaded, and that will be done automatically when you just load it. It can be just the same "Load Shader" option, just it will know and pure .frag, and .shaderjoy.


There is also a need for shader tabs so that not only the main image shader can be edited.

Yeah sure, and it will be visually more logical: you will see in GUI what else was loaded.


I will add a warning window but if I understand correctly, it's so typical issue with Shadertoy shaders, that I wouldn't like to block the compiling because of that.

It happens from time to time, yes. If you don't want to broke execution, then warning window, in this case, should be brought to the face (and only with that warning, not together with other status output). Reason is that missing initialized vars cause all sort of issues, and when you will have things be executed, but trashed by look or didn't work as expected, you firstly will think about bugs in Nova, but if you will see a warning that there were uninitialized var, then you will know what can be wrong and check that first.


It would be an ideal place for things like compilation time, warnings, errors and general status.

Just it should be not just one single window for all that output, like in "verbose" now. Point is that this uninitialized vars thing are _very_ important, and they should be highlighted alone, in a single window, so you will be forced to see it in any case.

If that will be a window with "status/compilation-time/other warnings/etc", then it mean that words about unitialized vars will be again put together with other text, and you can easy miss it.

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