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Re: Shaderjoy 1.8

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.8
by Daytona675x on 2020/6/6 12:21:17

Great, thanks
IIRC you have beta access to my FTP (if not, drop me a PM). If you want you can already download the fresh includes and the beta ogles2 3.0 lib from there and already implement support for two new aglCreateContext / aglSetParam options:

- OGLES2_CCT_DEBUG_SHADER_LOG: If set to TRUE then the library asks Nova for extra shader compiler info. A detailed log will be returned even on successful shader compilation. If this flag is set to FALSE (default) then only the usual standard error log will be returned.

- OGLES2_CCT_DETECT_UNINITIALIZED_GLSL_VARS: If set to 1 or 2 (default 0) then ogles2.lib will analyze the generated SPIR-V code and look for uninitialized shader variables. If set to 1 then it will only put a warning in the log and continue, if set to 2 then glCompileShader will return with an error if something suspicious is being detected.

Note: OGLES2_CCT_DETECT_UNINITIALIZED_GLSL_VARS is beta, I wrote it yesterday. It's certainly not perfect (altogether less than 150 small lines of code, incl. the SPIRV parser, no kidding ) but seems to do a decent job so far - obviously not tested toooo much though. So if you encounter a shader which gives wrong results, throw it into a mail or on my FTP please.
You'll also find an updated glslangvalidator_redux on my FTP which has that feature.

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