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Re: Shaderjoy 1.0

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.0
by kas1e on 2020/5/3 7:40:20


Note that with ShaderJoy you only measure fill-rate / Nova's fragment shader performance, pretty much nothing else: the geometry is just a static quad, the vertex shader is minimalistic, the shader program never changes. The only thing that changes per frame and therefore is being sent to the GPU is the DBO with the handful of uniform variables.

Did i got it right, that this mean if there will be DMA it will be faster ? I.e. now we meassure sending to the GPU of fragment shaders ?


Installed RadeonRX Polaris11 on my x5000 , and with RadeonRX beta driver with fixes in the PCIe speeds and with maximum power level have those results which look pretty better:

default (blue window) : 1928

capehill/amigaa : 1925
capehill/bars: 1902
capehill/gear: 1923
capehill/helloh: 1921
capehill/helloh2 : 1918
capehill/mandelbrot: 175
capehill/nuts: 1915
capehill/ripple: 1912

shadertoy/dueling_mandelbulbs : 1153
shadertoy/foot_torus: 54
shadertoy/kissing_donuts: 63
shadertoy/sunset: 1902
shadertoy/yetanother_torus: 85

So while the same shaders slower much than others, they at least has much better fps on my RadeonRX 11 with latest beta drivers.

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