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Re: List of wanted Software

Subject: Re: List of wanted Software
by daveyw on 2019/6/30 22:58:43


On OS4 with Odyssey, http://fast.com reports a download speed of 21 Mbps and an upload speed of 77 Kbps (!!!).

On Linux with Firefox, http://fast.com reports a download speed of 48 Mbps, and an upload speed of 20 Mbps.

Maybe Odyssey is the bottleneck? I can't find another Amiga browser that works with fast.com.

I can upload a file to my fileserver (filefactory) as another comparison. Pftp reports speeds in CPS, which is difficult to compare (just realised I could use NetSpeedMon to check the speed in Kbps, so I'll run this again when I'm back in OS4). [edit] NetSpeedometer shows a max speed of 134 kbps, although this was just a peak. Average speed seems to be around 118000 CPS, which seems very slow. Uploading via Filezilla on Linux 690 KB/s.

I am also using 8169, having recently switched over from 8139, however, the transition has been problematic and several times the network has just stopped working. I understand there are beta versions of the driver available, however, I'm not a beta tester, so I am just using what was delivered to the users who bought the X5000.

I am unable to replicate your test. The version of aget currently on OS4 depot is a Hollywood app. It cannot be run by command line, and when I give it the url you specified, it responded with "host now found" (although Odyssey can find it, so I guess the problem is with aget).

If there is a way of increasing network speed, I would love to hear it. My X5000 is my main computer, and its slow speed is a pain. Upload is so slow I basically cannot share large files - it invariably times out.
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