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Re: List of wanted Software

Subject: Re: List of wanted Software
by smf on 2019/6/30 7:46:23


I think what we need most is an updated network stack. My download, and especially upload speeds, on OS4 are diabolically slow. I boot into into Linux on my X5000 and, with the same hardware, I get much faster speeds.

How slow is diabolically slow?
I suspect that what you need is a better driver for your nic. What nic are you using?

I'm using some pcie rtl8169 on my X5000 and for me the limiting factor is that my router can not operate fast enough to test the speed (and i can not do a speedtest on my local network since my other machines is on slow wifi or is slower than the X5000.

Here is a speedtest i just ran.

8.RAM Disk:UHCTools> aget.os4 http://speedtest.bahnhof.se/100M.zip
Buffer size: 128kB
Sent HTTP GET request!
Done parsing HTTP header
Server response: 200 OK
Receiving file: 0% - [oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo] - 100% (100MB)
100MB received in 8.90s - 11.23MB/s

As i said.. the router does not run any faster so i do not know how fast i can go but this must be better than diabolically slow?

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