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Re: Workbench Explorer v2.3 build 9400 has been released!

Subject: Re: Workbench Explorer v2.3 build 9400 has been released!
by kas1e on 2019/5/26 6:05:48



I have new features turned on by default because from past experience, people don't read the ChangeLog and would never know about them. I am sure you have been asked "Can you add XYZ feature?" "Dude, it was added 2 versions ago."

If new feature slow down opening of root of partition to unusable speed, that feature sure have no needs be enabled by default, as user anyway will disable it.


TBImages:, I may be overlooking some things like it's speed. For my X5000 it takes 14 seconds to load and display it. No crash for me. 8,952 images. With "Show actual icons" checked it took twice as long, still no crash. (I have a 4GB graphics card, though.)

Need to ckeck, maybe i have enabled some other option which slow things that much.


I have debated about allowing the image column to be turned off. I guess I envisioned more people getting X5000s and this not being a real issue. I have it in my notes.

Now i remember that i report it before, but probably due to my bad english it wasnt correctly explained: i didnt mean that image column need ability to be turned off, i mean that visually, in options, that column looks like it CAN be turned off, because it not ghosted. I.e it looks like use CAN tick/untick it. Because it not ghosted. I.e. wrong look of entry itself. Any entry which cant be controlled by user should ve ghosted,while that "image" entry not ghosted, and user have opinion that he can control it.

Hope this time i was able to explain it correctly :) if you still think i ask about ability to turn images colum off : no, i asking that in prefetences that entries should looks ghosted, so user will know just from look that he cant turn it off. Just like entry above.

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