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Re: Workbench Explorer v2.3 build 9400 has been released!

Subject: Re: Workbench Explorer v2.3 build 9400 has been released!
by kas1e on 2019/5/24 16:25:04

Dunno if it was discussed before or no, but when i download latest version, install it over old one, and run : it did take about 40 seconds to show up me a root of work: partiion. Then i do search over the aw.net topic, and found it is "version" column which slow things that much which need to be disabled.

So if you need it, i have suggestion to update latest version you have by hands to have it disabled by default.

Another issue i have is that pure opening of TBIMAGES: directory (lot of small images) taked up all my GFX memory and take a lot of time to show them up (even with disabled version column). I think it take about minute, and then files showns, but as all memory filled up, everything freezes.

I imagine it tries to read all at once to the memory and then fail, while probably (and that is another suggestion if you care) better to show content by parts or kind of. Maybe some background process which will read content of filesystem, but in the same time not block main programm and start to show things.

In that respect Filler for example (i know, is another type of programm, just as example), open that directory fast (3 seconds) and correctly show all previews (which probabaly, generated on the fly , to avoid that slow and big loading). And gfx memory didn't eats-up after that.

In other words, currently, if you open directory which contain lots of small files, it takes veeeery long time. And if you enable icons, or thumnails, or so , it take even longer, eat-up all gfx memory, and then lockup the os.

And another issue, which there from begining, and which probabaly not your fault but of some gadget class you use: in Preference/Columns, all "Name" entries have "tickbox" gadget of "bold" look, like you can tick or untick it. While you can't untick it. "image" entry at top from other side looks correctly ghosted, so user understand that he can't untick it. But "image" one, looks like you can untick it, but you can't (i.e. also should looks ghosted). But if i remember right i already report it before, so can be some OS class issue.

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