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Problems with AmigaInputAnyware

Subject: Problems with AmigaInputAnyware
by Daedalus on 2018/2/18 23:20:49

I remember quite some time ago that I had installed AmigaInputAnyware to let me play some games with a USB controller that were otherwise keyboard-only. It worked well enough at the time from what I remember. However, I tried to use it today and I just can't get it to work for me. I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong, or if it's perhaps a change in OS 4.1FE that's caused problems, but anyway...

I can't seem to be able to modify the settings in any meaningful way. My controller is recognised and works fine within AmigaInput prefs, and it's found by AmigaInputAnyware when it starts up, as are the various profiles in the config drawer. But, the resulting keyboard events don't appear to match any of the profiles - even the Default profile in NotePad doesn't do what it should. For example, buttons 2 and 4 produce left and right cursor movements, even though none of the profiles have the cursor key codes in any of the button positions.

It doesn't help that the documentation for AmigaInputAnyware basically doesn't exist, so I can't be sure that I even understand how it's supposed to work. Have I got this right? My understanding is that you run AmigaInputAnyware, highlight the desired profile, and the inputs are translated as specified in that profile. So, I can change profiles by simply clicking the name of another one, is that correct?

If I've got that wrong, does anyone have any proper documentation on it so I can figure it out properly? Or are there any other programs that do a similar job?

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